Stunning! This has been a favorite for 20 years and I have an embarrassing number of vintage bottles squirreled away. Very lovely. Parfüm boltok, képek. But, according also to a reliable witness and expert - Michel Roudnitska, the son of the "Nose", for instance even Michel is a talented "Nose" too - a forbidden ingredient no more used in the formula and impossible to reproduce differently, has compromised all the structure, therefore Diorissimo could not be the same anymore, although he says even the up to date Diorissimo is very near to the original old one. Allegedly this is the end-all-be-all Lily of the Valley. Online right now: 1534, Fragrantica in your language: An old bottle is bad news. She is now 70 and wears track suits and Diorissimo wherever she goes, and still doesn't bathe that often. I will have to get a sample of the old version (houndstooth) box to see if there is any difference. Diorissimo was launched in 1956. Dior Diorissimo EDT 100ml parfüm vásárlás: Dior Diorissimo EDT 100ml árak összehasonlítása, Dior Diorissimo EDT 100ml akció! Gorgeous. a very real representation. I wouldn't say it's fit for summers, but that might be just me. Compliments continue. I'm not normally a heavy floral girl, this reminds me of the same reaction I had when I first took in Jean Patou's Joy from a similar time although quite different. C $115.49. lol'lol'lol!! The green notes, lily of the valley, jasmine, and herbs are so fresh and clean, almost like a chypre fragrance. Dior Eau de Cologne für Frauen 1er Pack (1x 50 ml) 4,4 von 5 Sternen 124. Let someone come in for a hug and love your fragrance. This is a Victorian lady fragrance. It’s comforting, intoxicating, rich and classy. It's memories are crisp, hope & youth. Découvrez Diorissimo Eau de Toilette , le parfum pour femme de Dior sur Origines -- Livraison Offerte dès 49€ d'Achat. I bought it and then my sister-in-law bought it too, which displeased me. Very uplifting, pure, dewy lily of the valley. It is a fresh, clean, green, true floral. It's my "FAV"! Pure lily of the valley like everyone else said.I love woody scents usually..but when I tried this I felt a clean fresh romantic aura around me..then thought ok I can love a floral perfume..and I love this gem.Last all day and use chanel no19 body lotion with, great combination!!! Magazine şi preţuri - Parfumuri Dior Diorissimo EDT 100ml de la 399,00 RON! Fleur emblématique de la maison Dior, le muguet est fréquemment associé au bonheur. It is not linear in my view, as there is something warmly elusive in the dry down, but I feel it is quite an abstract and even melancholy meditation on lily of the valley,. :). It is girlhood prancing in a sunny glen, the twirl of a white circle skirt, a sonorous warble; it is whispered secrets, and heads tossed back in giggles. Might just be that my nose is not a "note detector", but it's almost a solinote fragrance for me. In this one you really don't need to look for the main note, it is there and stays there. I have no other words to describe what I feel when I am wearing it. Very realistic lily of the valley. Yesterday was indeed my lucky day! Diorissimo is, in my opinion, the best of all possible spring fragrances. I'm so glad that I have Diorissimo firmly back in my Perfume collection once again!! The juice was a dark amber colour and I am afraid that it has gone off. Vůně se mi zpočátku velice moc líbila, posléze ale jak začaly přibývat další a další parfémy a začala jsem poznávat i jiné, najednou šlo Diorissimo stranou, uvědomila jsem si že z něj cítím jakoby ostrost a umělotinu. I thought that it was WAY OFF when I first sprayed it. I have the most recent formulation. It makes me sad, but it is amazing how emotional the sense of smell is. For people wanting to feel like an exquisite flower. On me, this lasts longer than on my co-worker who can barely detect it after an hour. Continut: EDP ( Apa de parfum ) Gramaj parfum: 100 ml. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Is. I love what Houtstemmer had to say a few reviews before me. I am a happy owner of vintage EDT and Perfume formulations - both are wonders with an excellent longevity. Graceful, soft, charming and uplifting. I am waiting for the 4th which is from the same vintage, though the juice looks darker and may have turned a bit. 1790 - Diorissimo Eau De Toilette fa parte, insiema ad altre cinque fragranze, della sofisticata collezione "Les creations de Monsieur Dior", creata dai profumieri di Christian Dior con l'ambizione di evocare e riprodurre gli abiti più belli della Maison Sometimes when I feel cool or sad in the springtime, this is the only perfume I can possibly wear. If you like lily of the valley this is the most beautiful lily of the valley fragrance ever made. I thank you all that choose to wear it. Diorissimo may very well be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful floral fragrances in existence. I was ready to really like this - and it looked promising, since the opening was unbelievably beautiful. The scent is forever ruined for me--in fact, it nauseates me. I know it’s probably been through a number of iterations but regardless of the formulation it is always many happy memories in a bottle for me. But I'm afraid, once the heart really came out it was just intolerable. Later in my 30s I got to know a woman 20 years my senior who wears this--she must bathe in it if she bathes at all. I had a passionate relationship with Diorissimo, until my body chemistry changed (puberty, anyone?) Of course that is partly because the jasmine is also quite potent in this, and the animalistic civet note also adds a lot to the earthiness of this. So..... After some disasters or 'diets' (as somebody, among the reviewers, has witty defined reformulations) I think that the most 'honest' interpretation of this masterpiece (yes! Dior Diorissimo Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml. It's definitely like spring on the skin. Diorissimo has been reformulated manny times over since is creation, so did Chanel 5 ext. I knew it was worth spending 9 times more to get this instead. The few months in year- just can´t without it. Very lovely and elegant. Amaryllis! Le créateur multipliait les unes des plus grands magazines de la planète. Perhaps it is light compared to other heavy fragrances like Chanel #5 or Aromatics Elixir, but when I think light; Be Delicious, Chance Au Tendre, Vera Wang Princess or even Jessica McClintock's Lily of the valley come to mind. with Miss Dior, Diorella, and Dioressense. 1.7 oz This item is sold out. Parfum Diorissimo aduce un mic tribut florilor, dar mai ales naturii si frumusetii naturale feminine. It's vivacious and effortlessly so. A note to any one who intends to own this precious fragrance : I just received a used vintage bottle of this fragrance. I own this one (though I don't really use it very often anymore) as it is one of the few I recall as being a very little girl. I always wanted to purchase another bottle of the edt but somehow never got around to it, moving on to other fragrances at the time. I discovered Diorissimo on my workplace, since we have plenty of testers that we spray around the rooms when the air isn't fresh enough. So what to do? It is fresh and appealing, not aggressive and the perfect fragrance for me. When I smelled this, Heidi was what I thought of immediately. 4.3 out of 5 stars 161. I was too young, in my early 20's, and that was the time of perfumes like Anais Anais. It doesn't matter because I now have enough Diorissimo to use as luxuriously as I want to, and though today is a chilly winter day, I can not wait to bring this out in full rotation in the spring. Something about it makes me sad and melancholy, which is odd because it's so pretty. Wow! Perfume lovers: 607363 A beautiful fragrance for a beautiful couturier. Lily of the valley, so real you could just as well be sniffing the real flower. Can someone please let me know if the vintage edt does it last long or the current edp? Not the best lily of the valley fragrance. As a 20 year old, I remember wearing this to work in a musty conservative building in George Street, Sydney in the '70's and the middle aged receptionist exclaiming that I was wearing "oranges and lemons". Given its excellent reputation, its lofty price tag and the fact that it was one of Princess Diana’s favorite perfumes, I was expecting a bit more. Christian Dior Diorissimo, Parfumovaná voda 100ml - Tester; Christian Dior Diorissimo, Toaletní voda 100ml; Christian Dior Mini Set, Edp 7,5ml Miss Dior + Edt 7,5ml Addict to Life + Edt 7,5ml Forever and Ever + Edt 7,5ml Hypnotic Poison eau Sensuelle + Edt 7,5ml Diorissimo 3,929 votes. I knew I would like it, and I definitely wanted it for my collection, so flash forward to today, and I now own 3 bottles of various vintages and concentrations, with a 4th on the way. Lasting power is pretty great too, 6+ hours. An absolute must have, another monument in the art of perfumery. Diorissimo a fost lansat in anul 2009. She isn't as fond of perfumes as I am, she never was and she still isn't, that's a heritage I get from other of the strong women that I am also grateful to have had ahead in my family, and from my father who was responsable of my first perfume obsession when he gifted me my first velvety brown Caleche box when I hadn't reached my teens. This is a very retro-smelling perfume. I have dipped into this perfume over the years hoping that it would suit my skin and play nice. He was a genius and I'm an admirer of his other work. A bunch of freshly cut lilies looking beautiful on the sideboard. The newer bottle is OK but not what I remembered,the older bottle is more what I was thinking & it lasts a good four or five hours. Marvellous 1st season of Dior perfumes . It's so odd to think that's vintage now (I'm old). I love Lilly of the valley...but Dirorissimo was just too "green", "grassy" smelling to me besides the lily scent. Brand New. Since lily-of-the-valley is my favourite flower, I have always wanted to have Diorissimo, a classic and very realistic LOTV fragrance. I think I need to treat this like I do my strong winter fragrances, and just spray once or twice. It last's several hours, 12 and still counting, and forever on your clothes. Since 1956, Diorissimo has provided women with a timeless scent that is subtle, yet alluring enough to turn a few heads. Then after a few minutes it settles into LOTV and jasmime,with lilac in the background,it stays this way for about an hour or two,pretty but linear,it doesn't seem to change on my skin. As I have said in previous reviews I was a counter manager for Dior for a few years. It would be a beautiful scent in hot sunny days. Diorissimo is like a glade in a forest, in a sunny day during late springtime, but it keeps strangely remains of winter. My mom used to wear it to work when I was a kid, so I have always catagorized it as a grown up, serious fragrance. If your scent does not do positive things for your spirit, find one that does. بوی یاس بنفش ولی نه اونقدر سنگین که باعث سردرد بشه. It just goes to show how associations and life experience can radically change a relationship with a fragrance. Note de varf: ylang-ylang;Note de mijloc: Then it seems to fade away. I wished I could bottle that scent… Diorissimo comes closest: the lily of the valley dominates here, but it’s not the only flower, I get lilac, bit of jasmine, green leafs and stems, still dewy. It was my mum's perfume when I was little, around 10-13, let's say. It wasn't even a little evaporated or discolored, though sadly the adorable brass sprayer doesn't really work. It will always hold a special place in my heart. I have been wanting Diorissimo for a long time.I wanted to use up some other perfumes before I bought it, but I knew,or thought I knew, what it smelled like, so I ordered it on-line. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Update March 2011: there is now a new version of Diorissimo called Diorissimo Eau de Parfum. Lily of the Valley has always been my favorite flower, there was a huge bed of them growing in the yard of my childhood home. Bought this at a perfume discounter kiosk at the mall for a few dollars lesser than The Bay (for personal reference). DKNY - DKNY Woman (eau de parfum) eau de parfum hölgyeknek. The sillage is moderate and the longevity is six hours plus. Oh, I got Diorissimo from my beloved grandmother, the lady of the ladies, when I was maybe 12 years old. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Nothing comes close to that if you are looking frag's under such a name right from current perfumery shops, even elite ones. The only downside is it doesn't last very long...but it is beautiful while it lasts. I would say that it almost a lily of valley soliflore. So distinctive, immortal, and perfect, spawning the plethora of modern screechy chemical florals hoping to ride on its perfection. I am surprised to see so much negativity about what I have always thought to be a gorgeous, lush, lily of the valley floral. I bought a partial bottle of the vintage and the seller didn't know what it was supposed to smell like in order to tell me if it was "off" or anything. Well upon trying it again, it's so much more! Copyright © 1995-2021 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Another year has passed, and yet again Diorissimo accompanies me on May Day. Vintage Diorissimo is the most beautiful floral I've ever had the pleasure of smelling. Reminds me of a passionate spring tryst rather than the stroll through the garden that lily of the valley usually invokes. Not for me. It is much much more interesting and pleasant in warmth. I prefer to go with the flow with fragrances, if something becomes unavailable and ridiculously expensive, I just move on to something else. I feel so ladylike and understated. So very feminine and not something I would usually choose but I am so glad I did. Velvety, soft, calming in an optimistic way, non screaming combinations of flowers where Lilly-of-the valley having its major part in. Well-rendered and realistic, fresh and green. I used to have the edt in my collection years ago and finished the bottle because, if I remember correctly, it was very appropriate for office wear. Diorissimo Perfume by Christian Dior... (81.60 USD), Perfume rating A beautiful fragrance. Luckily, I was able to invest in a stock of vintage bottles of this one. This is like a soft hazy vision of finding lily of the valley in a forest. If there were a fairyland in the world, it would smell like Diorissimo - redolent of innocence, purity and uncomplicated happiness. i have to wait about 30 minutes before I can fully enjoy this. It is usually the "jasmine" note that brings that out... ooomph, hopefully gives in to scrubbing at least. Then I picked up some Sandalwood on the dry down as well. She bought it because someone told her it smells just like lily-of-the-valley, her favorite flower. The best lily-of-the-valley perfume I've found so far. 67 kr / SPAR 353 kr Calvin Klein. The LOTV and jasmine are there,pretty & soft,they seem to warm on my skin becoming more feminine. For me this is like sitting in the middle of a flower patch in the heat of the day, heady and overwhelming. Pretty. It is a beautiful and comforting smell. A must have for big florals lovers. It is still piercing and LOTV-strong but not a headache-inducing. I believe it's early '90's and it kicks. Diorissimo edt is a light & airy, green, and organic Lilly-of-the-Valley. Lily of the Walley is the top middle and last note. ... Christina Aguilera Unforgettable Eau de Parfum Natural Spray, 50 ml. I have a new looking bottle and have no idea how the vintage formula smells, but the new version is simply gorgeous! A bit too suffocating. All this, is forever printed in my memory, but I'm talking of the '60/'70 years, when fragrance industries weren't as 'moody' as today. It makes me feel energetic, elegant, refreshed and wonderful. The only Lotv-scent I've tried that actually smells like the real deal. I think it is from 1990's maybe 2000's. - SEALED Vintage DIORISSIMO Perfume by CHRISTIAN DIOR spray EDT 100 ml~3.4 oz, - Christian Dior Diorissimo For Women Perfume 3.4 oz ~ 100 ml EDT Spray, - DIORISSIMO by Christian Dior 3.4 oz EDT Spray Perfume for Women New in Box, - DIORISSIMO by Christian Dior 1.7 oz EDT Spray Perfume for Women New in Box, - Diorissimo By Christian Dior For Women Eau De Toilette 3.4Fl Oz/100Ml. I now realise it must have been cheap synthetic scents that I was being subjected to. This is a very delicate perfume, and must be handled as such. The reviews declaring this to be light and fresh are perplexing; this is a deep, rich, lily of the valley fragrance and nothing like the sweet concoctions of today. My Mother loved the real thing, planting hundreds in her front garden. His works typically seem to have the thoroughness that denotes a masterful technical proficiency, but also an integrity of concept and intention. Lilac, jasmine, amaryllis, lily, and the green note mingle together in mid stage. 4,6 von 5 … I don’t know about the vintage versions of Diorissimo and how different they were to the present-day editions, because I’ve never tried them; but this contemporary version really works for me and I have no complaints. I fell in love with it today. I think the sample I smelled in a magazine was what made me fall for the JM so I guess that means I loved the top notes. Parfum Diorissimo. Diorissimo is the sweetheart of my collection – it is as young as the spring itself! Aparut in anul: 1956. Já Diorissimo v současné verzi vlastním a to již dost dlouho. Créée par François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur Dior, l'Eau de Parfum Diorissimo est une nouvelle expression de l'Eau de Toilette originale Diorissimo, plus riche, plus … It's very pretty. I wore Diorissimo when I went to 7th grade - I surely stood out of the group wearing something like that. There's just nothing more Spring-like than Diorissimo. Clearly A.D.N. Some dark green comes from the bottle upon application. I loved this when I was in my early 20s and first smelled it. I absolutely love this fragrance, though I do agree with those reviewers who find the original scent to be best. I've never known a perfume to go "off" as quickly as this. Descriere Diorissimo de la Christian Dior este un parfum floral destinat doamnelor romantice, creat in 1956 de designerul Edmond Roudnitska.Acest parfum este inspirat parca dintr-o poveste, in care decorul este o gradina parfumata cu miresme florale, iar spiritul personajelor este dornic de liniste si pace, cu gandul la relaxare … I fell in love with the fresh fragrance that you breathe in stores Dior that comes from Diorissimo. I wore it for the first time yesterday,& git the most amazing compliment from my Mum,who immediately asked me what that beautiful Perfume Was that I was wearing!! This smells like cut grass--there's really no other way to put it. Maybe it's hard to come by the real deal, I do remember someone else commenting that Diorissimo faded quickly when exposed to light so maybe the fanfare had expired in my little bottle. But then it reaches a creaminess that changes completely your impression. It leaves an imprint of the wearer for a few wonderful minutes. He would even pin some into the hems of dresses before they were shown for luck. I really didn't remember what it smelled like though, and am not sure if I always got the blast of citrus on first application or not. During the first few minutes it's rather heavy. I was different and I loved it. Suffocating! I have only a tiny mini in the old packaging from the 80's now, but I remember this as one of the most pure and true Muguet based scents I have ever worn--and I LOVE muguet! This is one of those wonderful and remarkable fragrances that you can never mistake for another. Più ricco, profondo e intenso dell'originale, presenta una nota di cuore floreale di Gelsomino più dominante. One of my favourites. It's fresh and as already alluded to, spring in a bottle. Thus, it is most perfect as a soliflore, but less specific, less dependent on the memory of the individual. I do detect some ylang ylang somewhere in the background but besides that it is lily of the valley all the way. But do not find it anything special. MOST 100 ml/16 170 Ft Megnézem. It does become a little soapy in the dry down,but I love soapy. Does anyone know if this fragrance has a shelf life? (If anyone wants to try this, happy to swap a decant for my want list.). This was my very first perfume btw when I was in Highschool:) I remember wearing it everyday while everybody else was wearing Angel's Breath.. … Charming and clean are words that come to mind. Sein erstes Parfum erschien 1937 und hieß On Dit, was so viel wie "Darauf" bedeutet. I have a vintage bottle from the sixties and I love this ultra feminine mainly Lily of the Valley scent. Nothing is overdone here just a wonderful botanical experience. 2 ... Christian Dior te face sa te simti fericita, prin accentele florii de crin, o alegere excelenta pentru acest parfum unic. When I read Lily of the Valley I felt sure I would be disappointed as remembering my childhood it was always a scent that came across as quite cloying. Sadly, this is not longer is the kind of feminine exuberance that I can project. The sandalwood helps as well in adding depth and warmth. Christian Dior believed that lily-of-the valley is the symbol of hope, happiness and joy. Vizualizari: 943. First blast is softer,more floral, but still green and fresh. C $246.53. The perfumer made much effort connecting the soft, tender, breathy qualities of the flower to the same qualities in skin. Diorissimo is not a citrus based fragrance, but the Lily of the valley and jasmine are so fresh, that one could be forgiven for mistaking the floral explosion for a burst of freshness straight from an orchard. Flor emblemática de la Casa Dior, el muguete se asocia con frecuencia a la felicidad. Created by Francois Demachy, Dior perfumer creator, 'Diorissimo' eau de parfum is a new expression of the original 'Diorissimo' eau de toilette. I was able to sample a vintage EDT from a houndstooth bottle, not having yet compared to the current formulation. Great floral. Spring has sprung! I imagine Grace Kelly could have worn this on her wedding day (that is, if she hadn't worn Fleurissimo). My newest purchase.I just love it,I feel so good when i'm wearing this.It's refreshing and romantic at the same time. My mum bought this to me when I was on seventh grade and it was beautiful. On the skin is very strong, wintry, not very youthful. No doubt about it. Sad to say, I tried this new version today at Saks, hoping that my nose wouldn't be able to detect any difference. I love lily of the valley and jasmine so I was really looking forward to trying this (and paid quite a bit to get my hands on a sample). A grassy green, maybe a little synthetic,but fresh. I started out 2 weeks ago with no bottles of Diorissimo and only a vague impression of what it would smell like. It was my monthly choice in a fragrance subscription but it's definitely full-bottle worthy. and it started to smell horrible. I can't decide whether or not to wear this on my wedding day because I'm so in love with First by Van Cleef and Arpels and have chosen that one but it's not until the end of the year so I have time to choose. I have a bed of them in the side yard to compare, and yes, there is certainly a decent facimile here. Something went wrong. I can imagine that this would be at its best when worn on a hot summer's evening, having dinner outside in the country wearing a floaty, white dress. Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray. Any way the idea of the fragrance can be 'read' even today and if we still look at the past, while searching frags it means that these glorious "oldies" can still communicate even with the new market, probably bored by homologation; there should be something more concrete than the fascination for a brand or a name if people are still so positive towards some frags while disregarding others.